3 Guns Commonly Used Security Company

Posted On 05.02.2013

This article was written by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal – Founder and Owner of BTS Security

בני טל - חברת אבטחה

בני טל – חברת אבטחה

Security companies offer that much needed protection from theft and violence for homes and commercial buildings. One of the most important weapons security guards carry is guns. If you are planning on appointing a security company for your needs, it is imperative to first learn all about them and how they operate.

One of the aspects you must know is the type of guns commonly used by these companies. No matter whether they are armed or unarmed, all security guards must be licensed for arms by their respective state.

Types of guns carried by security guards

The type of gun to be carried by the security guard is not actually specified by the armed license. This decision is usually taken by the security companies employing the guards. When it comes to hand guns, there are three basic types used by security guards namely the revolver, semi-automatic and stun guns.

  1. Revolvers are simple to handle which is why they are used by most security guards. As compared to semi-auto pistols that tend to jam, revolvers work well and are hassle-free. Some of the popular revolver models used by reputed security companies include Smith and Wesson Models 10.38 special, 15.357 Magnum and 25.45 Colt Mountain Gun.
  2. Semi-Automatic guns used by security company include Smith and Wesson S&W 9 mm semi-automatic, M&P40 Semi-Automatic pistol 209300 and Colt 1911 Combat commander Pistol 4012XSE
  3. In most US states, adults can carry stun guns legally if they are not convicted for assault or felony. Even then, security personnel using stun guns must take the express permission of the security company employing them.Guns to be used only by authorized guardsA guard using stun gun or any of the above mentioned arms without proper authorization could face severe legal repercussions. It is also important for security guards to ensure that none of the above 3 guns common used bysecurity companies fall into wrong hands..


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