5 Types of VIP security

Posted On 04.01.2012

We all know the VIP security character in Hollywood movies, the one who escorts the important businessmen and decision makers. It is important to remember this is only one out of many types of VIP security. This article presents five types to aid you in making the intelligent and right choice for your needs.

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  • Tight personal security- the most common type of security in which the VIP Security Guard becomes your shadow and escorts you everywhere you go, from your house in the morning, through your daily meetings in the office, and back home in the evening, watching your doorstep; such escort will not allow you to feel unsafe. This type of ongoing presence of the VIP Security Guard is suitable for those who feel they are under continuous threat. 
  • Regional security- this security model focuses on scanning and securing the area near the residence/ office of the client. For example, a VIP Security Guard may scan the cars parked near your home as you arrive, and stand within a distance to secure the area.
  • Family above all- a threat to your own life results in hiring personal security for yourself, however, you may consider hiring VIP Security Guards to your immediate family: your spouse and children. Spouse security mostly includes tight personal security. Shall you require children security, please note that special preparation may be required, such as escorting the children to their school, etc.
  • VIP security in open space events- open air event is more complex than closed doors event. Securing open air events requires a secured entry zone, where all attendees will pass a short security check. In addition to the secure entry zone, the client needs a massive defense shield to prevent possible offense. In this case, a team of VIP Security Guards will divide in two: few will guard a predefined buffer zone to prevent any unnecessary access, while others create an additional shield around the client. 
  • In flight personal security-  many clients who need personal security service spend much of their time flying across the world, which requires special personal security service to handle with aerial threats. For the most part, the VIP Security Guard will sit close to the client and watch the flight crowd. Prior to boarding, the VIP Security Guard may ask and receive a passenger list. The in flight personal security task will end when the client disembarks the plane, then the VIP Security Guard will return to tight personal security mode on the ground.

To conclude, whoever needs personal security services should first define (alone or using a security company specializing in personal security) the type of security he or she requires, in order for their needs to be met.  


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