A Foreign Refugee from Eritrea Attacked a Family in Tel-Aviv

Posted On 13.03.2013

This article was written by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal – Founder and Owner of BTS Security

After a period of relative silence at the south, a foreign infiltrator from Eritrea has attacked an entire family. A security company can guarantee the safety of the citizens, but the authorities will have to wake up as well.

Tonight, we have all heard about the terrible incident in Yad-Elihayu, a neighborhood in the Southern part of Tel-Aviv. A foreign infiltrator from Eritrea broke into a house and tried to rape an 8 year old girl sleeping in her bed.

The mother woke up from the noise, rushed to her daughter's room and was stabbed. The father finally woke up, and since he is fortunately a martial arts specialist, he managed to disable and disarm the intruder. When the police arrived he was unconscious

The state must not abandon its citizens

South Tel Aviv became Israel's Harlem and the Wild West. Tens of thousands people that are below the poverty line "live" there. They often have no homes, no money – nothing and this is a bomb waiting to explode because they have nothing to lose. We can continue focusing on the Iranian threat or the third Intifada, but we must also recognize the serious threat from within. Beni Tal - Security in Tel-Aviv

Israeli citizens feel insecure in their own country because of the massive infiltration from the South. The state authorities must not abandon them because of some pro-civil bills, they must solve the problem immediately.  . At night these areas often become a battleground and the Police is having a hird time coping with that.

Now we ourselves experience the same reality as the people of Paris do, surrounded by Muslims without the police daring to stop them when they start their riots. If our authorities won't act as soon as possible – the situation will just get worse. Those criminals will control the streets.

The sense of security can only be recovered via a serious field operation. We must stop being nice and ensure that all of the infiltrators return to their country as soon as possible. Trained security guards can do the job in a city or two, but we are talking about a larger phenomena that has to be stopped in all means available.


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