A violent eviction in Eastern Jerusalem

Posted On 12.12.2012

Just recently, a wealthy businessman who owned several not occupied buildings in the Eastern part of Jerusalem turned to us for help in evacuating violent and dangerous criminals who illegally invaded to his compound. Those offenders have also brought In their own families and equipment into the house. B.T.S Security - Violent eviction

Given the fact that the invasion occurred only a week before the date he contacted us, the law didn't require him to receive a court order but simply turn to an experienced company that has already dealt with many similar evacuations. This is exactly why he called us, B.T.S Security, managed by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal –because he knew we specialize in evacuating the most violent intruders and invaders.

The First Stage – Planning and Gathering  Intelligence

We began the first stage of the operation by gathering all the relevant information about the invaders: Their number, their pictures and also their daily routine. The entire house has been under a 24 hours a day fully documented surveillance and so we concluded that the morning-early noon hours would be perfect for the actual evacuation because at that time, the amount of people in the compound would have to be minimal.

The Second Stage – splitting forces and evacuating the compound within a half an hour

After the day and exact hour of the evacuation has been set, 150 security guards met about 500 meters from the compound and started the operation with one main emphasis: A violent eviction without violence. When arriving at the entrance, the forces have split into 4 sub units: Perimeter Security Force, First Floor Security Force, Second Floor Security Force and Third Floor Security Force.

Within a half an hour the entire building (with around 40 people in it at the time) had been fully cleared without any special resistance. Our security guards' wealthy experienced has been in crucial in completing the operation as soon as possible. Needless to say that soon enough, the people behind the invasion which were of course the heavier criminals, rushed back into the compound but when they saw our security guards standing there, they decided (and rightly so) to avoid any confrontation.

Third and Fourth Stages  – Building a Perimeter Fence and Securing the Compound for Several Weeks

After the invaders were evicted, we immediately began the construction of a perimeter fence with gates and locks, along with the decision to place a permanent 24 hours security force around the compound for fear of a renewed invasion. After we have allowed the entrance of the people that were actually supposed to live in the compound (and were approved by the owner obviously), we have secured them for another two weeks before their life returned to their normal routine.

Unfortunately, the invaders have probably already found  yet another victim whose real-estate has become their new target. Experience shows us that for those criminals such takeovers are simply like going to work. They exploit the owner's  fear for their own and their families' lives in order to get what they want. This is not how it is supposed to be and we will do anything in our power in order to prevent similar occurrences.

BTS Security headed by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal, specializes in providing security oriented solutions to businessmen whose real-estate has been taken over by criminals and invaders. Contact us today and we will do our best, devoting all resources in our power in order to help you regain control of the property you worked so hard for.


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