Banks are Ought to Invest in Professional Security Guards

Posted On 30.01.2013

This article was written by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal – Founder and Owner of BTS Security

This week we learned that an indictment was filed against Gabi Korsunsky, dubbed by the media "Ofnobank 2.0". Nevertheless, in contrast to the serial robber from the 80's, Korsunsky had been accused of actions that took the life of a security guard who tried to prevent his entry into the bank.

Each bank must have a professional security guard

I believe that the banks in Israel must leave their complacency behind and hire only quality security professional coming from and trained in prominent security firms.
A bank's security guard should be a young man until the age of 30 with physical fitness and a graduate of an Army combat unit after a service of at least three years. This person should be someone who had to shoot real bullets and had some of them whizzing by his ear. This should also be a person experienced in extreme pursuits and various situations – including the death of terrorists or brothers in arms in his hands.

However, a military past, magnificent as it is, is not enough. The security guard must go through a difficult training process led by the Security Division of the Israel Police supervising the operational fitness of the guard. During the course, the security guard goes through civilian training which teaches him how to use a gun, how to filter massive audience and look out for suspects. beni tal security company

It is important to note that although the security guard had mostly excelled during his military service, it still does not mean he knows how to use a gun properly. The difference is like night and day – and sometimes security guards holding a gun can't even properly hit a target even when it is located in a 2-3 feet away.

Protection, Security and Safety Methods and Measures

Every security guard, as trained and talented as he may be, will not be able to perform his job without a proper backup which includes the following:

1) A Panic button – one touch of a button can issue a warning to the Israeli police and the bank's security system. A panic button could have possibly prevented the murder of the security guard due to the fact that it was argued that before the actual shooting, a few minutes struggle between him and the assailant took place.

2) Flak jacket – although Israel guards (like everyone else) suffer from a severe weather in the summer, the guard must wear a civilian Flak Jacket that can prevent the penetration of 9-millimeter bullet. It is safe to say the guard's death would have been avoided had he wore a jacket over or under the uniform.

3) Magno-Meter – the search performed while entering the bank is often not effective (if it all performed), a MagnoMeter can give provide serious help when it comes to metal detection – and serve as a warning factor.

4) Door Filter – This is a very common factor in banks abroad. The door divides the entrance to the banks into two separate stages. First, a person entering the bank must enter a cell and only after he does that – the first door closes and the second one opens. I believe that had we had the same system here, the robber, simply wouldn't have been able to enter the bank.

In summary, commercial banks in Israel, who possess and operate with huge budgets, tend to save money at the exact place they shouldn't. They must thicken their security system and upgrade it to a much more professional level. The security company working with the bank must put forward a set of rules that will meet the harsh standards it always stands for. The security guards employed in banks must be as proficient as an executive protection guard, an aircraft security guard or a guard securing a sensitive facility.


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