Complex and Dangerous VIP Protection

Posted On 26.12.2012

This article was written by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal – Founder and Owner of BTS Security

Executive VIP security is a dangerous expertise – and so are the jobs we get. The truth is that those who live a quiet life don't actually need Executive VIP security services. However, when it comes to Executive VIP security we have accumulated a proven reputation of over 34 years. This is exactly why so many wealthy businessmen that feel threatened contact us for us to provide them with the services we specialize in. BENI TAL - VIP PROTECTION

Criminal organizations have discovered the business' world potential

We live in an era when organized crime decided to shift its focus. If in the past, most organizations were mainly into burglary, today they have unfortunately discovered that the threatening the safety of businessmen and their families is simply a lot more profitable.

This is how it works: First, organized crime authorities track businessmen who find themselves in some kind of financial trouble and offer their help to relieve some of the distress. They all meet together with dignified lawyers, assuring the businessmen that their future is now safe. The truth is that those people actually represent the so called "monkeys" that work for the organized crime syndicates.

The pleasant tone suddenly changes

After the deal is signed, crime starts flowing into the companies slowly but surely. Soon enough, the peace and serenity turn into threats and suddenly, like coming from nowhere, very suspicious individuals start showing up at the company (or at the executive's private residence) on a daily basis.  Unfortunately there are some senior executives who give in and become objects of extortion – this is the where we come into the picture.

BTS Security has showed time and time again that we are not afraid of any violent clash – if such an engagement is in fact necessary. At the same time, we only work with legitimate corporations and individuals as well as in full cooperation with the police and prosecution authorities that help us in removing the "cancerous" criminal source.

The vast experience we have accumulated for over almost 35 years has taught us that there is no challenge we can't cope with to the full satisfaction of our customers. This is mainly because our commitment to the end results is of utmost importance to us.


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