Equipment & Special Gear

BTS INTERNATIONAL enjoys close working relations with the different security industries in Israel, and has in its means the ability to supply security equipment and products manufactured in Israel and abroad, based on demand and in accordance with international trade laws and regulations.

The company markets equipment and weapons manufactured by leading companies, according to client needs.  These include:

Bodyguards | Security Academy | Maritime Security

Protective Equipment:

  •   Personal protection equipment: helmets, ballistic vests, ceramic plates and vests, special use protective suits (demolition suits, anti-riot suits)
  •  Complementary protective equipment: shrapnel-resistant goggles, full-size arm guards (anti-riot, small arms fire), gas masks.


Israeli Security Company | VIP Protection | Security ConsultingEquipment:

  •  Individual soldier equipment: combat vest (custom-tailored, built according to client needs), pouches, clothing and footgear (overalls, uniforms), thermal clothing, face masks.
  •  Complementary Equipment: personal flashlights (LED, infrared), rock climbing and rescue equipment – ropes, shackles and buckles,harnesses, ladders.
  •  Vehicle and ACV extraction equipment: ropes, force multipliers, shackles, vehicle cranks, extraction kits.



  •  Sights: riflemen and sniper sights, holographic sights.
  •  Binoculars: a huge variety. Matched to the client's specific need.
  •  Night vision: personal, light weight, compact; monocular / binocular.


  •  Durable and comfortable personal communications systems.
  •  Special units communications systems.
  •  Accessories: antennae, adaptors, wires and cables.



Combat Accessories:

  •  Silencers
  •  Lasers
  •  Custom-tailored kits – demolition, first aid, breach kits.


Special equipments

We maintain close ties with companies providing equipment to land, sea and air forces. For more information, and for information regarding equipment not listed here, please contact BTS