Evacuation and Security at the University of Tel – Aviv

Posted On 01.11.2012

Beni Tal Israeli Security CompanyRecently BTS security company was called to provides security services for our client – University of Tel-Aviv. It was an unique event in which students planned to build a tent city for homelesses at the campus.

According to the report and the initial review we've received – the people there knew that they will not manage to stay for the night, yet they were not deterred because their primary purpose was to provoke and to draw media attention that will ensure them favorable coverage in the news. Fortunately there was no need of violent security.

Following the request addressed to us on behalf of the University, we arrived earlier with 50 security guards, some of them overt and some them covert, who expected for students and other homelesses to came with them. We were prepared for any scenarios, including those requiring evacuation of any type – violent and nonviolent if needed – in case of resistance, but quickly we realized the entire event will be peace and no real problems.

Despite the opposition – we didn't have to use violent

The students came to the university around 14:00 and began to set up the tents, regardless the clear message that came directly from the university management . After a brief consultation between all parties we were allowed the students and the homelesses to remain in the institution until 20:00 and after that we were asked them to evacuate. Although there was some resistance at first, within a short time they were evacuated without any need for violent of any kind.

As the owner of BTS, and a retirement colonel, who took part in a series of complicated operations, I believe that in this case the performence by our employees was a high level of intelligent and purposeful. The entire event ended at midnight, and by the next day it was important for us to focus on watching the video footage – in order to make a comprehensive investigation of the event. We believe that investigate an event, even it was a successful one, will help us to provide our customers reliable security services at the highest quality.


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