Executive VIP Protection – Naomi Campbell

Posted On 09.01.2013

This article was written by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal – Founder and Owner of BTS Security

Just recently, supermodel Naomi Campbell was injured during a jewelry robbery gone bad in Paris. This incident could have been avoided had she hired an executive VIP security and protection team during her visit at the French capital.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell flew to Paris in order to attend a stylish fashion show.  Campbell, beautiful and fancy as usual, wore her most precious jewelry collection. Even if she knew she could have been robbed – she probably wouldn't have given up on the accessories she needed to look completely gorgeous.

Prior intelligence is a must

Crime syndicates throughout the world use the same mechanism as all armies do – they gather information and only after they have everything they need – the operation can start. Obviously, we are talking about a very significant price and so the intelligence had to be as detailed as possible.Beni Tal - VIP Protection

Yes, hiring a security team can indeed involve heavy costs, and yet people like Naomi Campbell must hire such a team because at any given moment they can be kidnapped for ransom purposed, or violently attacked by robbers.

Celebrities are kidnapped quite often

It is worth noting that celebrities are kidnapped quite often (if not secured), but those incidents very rarely make it to the news because they pay the ransom and get back home relatively safe and sound. Involving the police can be tricky because their involvement might lead even to a possible murder.

Naomi Campbell was injured in her leg when the stalking robber approached her and stole her jewelry. Luckily enough, she was in a public place trying to catch a cab. Otherwise it could have ended badly.

If Campbell had hired a security company with four professional bodyguards, this entire fiasco and the probable future surgery could have been avoided completely. Bodyguards serve as a very powerful deterrent and if they are indeed real professionals they can pick up on any suspicious movements around.

Some of the most known techniques in that respect are those of changing your schedule, changing your car, travelling in convoys and in very extreme cases – even hiring a double that will travel in a completely different car.


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