Forceful Security by a Security Firm

Posted On 05.12.2012

The area of forceful or violent security often required in order to protect various clients is one that also requires considerable experience accumulated while handling hundreds of similar cases. Today, a rather small amount of security companies that specialize in providing executive security solutions actually specialize in forceful protection and security. This is exactly the competitive advantage we here at B.T.S Security, managed by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal hold.

Beni Tal- Forceful Evacuation

B.T.S Security Company has first opened its gates more than three decades ago and throughout this entire period not a single day had passed without us having to face heavy criminal authorities threatening the safety of our wide variety of clients.

Experience shows that surrender to threats will only increase their frequency

Criminals and crime families are well aware of the fact that their habit of threatening businessmen and ordinary citizens is probably expected to pay off due to the fact that those people are afraid for their own as well as their families' lives.  We at B.T.S Security refuse to let it happen devoting every possible resource at our disposal in order to protect the people seeking our assistance.

Furthermore, unfortunately, there are countries where the police join forces with crime syndicates, obviously making them a lot harder to fight. However, even when it comes to this – we end up with the upper hand because we work around the local axis of crime creating our own joint operations with the Interpol.

Uncompromising combat is the name of the game

Quite often the uncompromising combat becomes the name of the game. Our skilled and well trained security staff isn't afraid of anything – including gunfire exchange, the use of grenades and even heavier ammunition.

Our professional security guards are people who would never shy away from confrontation and stand as a bulwark against the criminals and outlaws who lift their heads. Soon enough the criminals realize that time has come for them to move on – they know that this time they will not achieve their goal.

Make no mistake about it, every security procedure we implement is fully consistent with the rule of law and that is exactly the reason why we work only with legitimate businesses and executives. Not even once have we considered cooperating with crime families or any crime related individuals.

To sum it up, the positive reputation that we have gained as a result of our hard work, we actually try to avoid violent confrontations but at the same time we are able to deter any potential aggressors.

After all, we all agree that the optimal situation is the one in which any disagreement is resolved without the need to resort to violence of some kind.


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