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The battlefield of the future is changing: today, armies and government bodies must face low intensity challenges and threats, guerrilla warfare and non-conventional terrorism.
Attempts by radical groups and resistance movements to carry out bold and violent operations, exploiting the civilian population and operating from within urban areas, require a different strategy, adopting new models and advanced methods of warfare, and implementing  these using the forces on the field.  All these must be done with the utmost skill while utilizing effective and proven techniques.
BTS has a wealth of experience providing solutions to military and government organizations, with a wide spectrum of areas and capabilities.  We make sure we provide clients with experts, top professionals in their fields, who posses a vast operational background and outstanding personal capabilities.


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We provide solutions in four main areas:

Land Forces

Air Forces

Naval Forces

Intelligence Forces

Please contact us for more information and with inquiries regarding fields which are not listed here.