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Posted On 02.02.2012

It is worth noting that many burglary incidents occur due to the frequent complacency of homeowners who choose to leave the protection of their lives and belongings to lady luck. This is the reason why many people often go to sleep in their old apartment and wake up in the same but also a recently emptied one. In this next article I would like to share with you some tips, based on the direct experience of my own Security Consulting Company, as to how you can make it harder for those intruders to enter your premises.

Facility Security | VIP Protection | Israeli Security CompanyFirst and foremost, use dogs. Dogs serve as one of the most significant and useful deterrents as far as burglars are concerned.  If you own a courtyard, we recommend training your dogs and leaving them on a leash (or even setting them free). More than once we have had the opportunity to witness an actual piece of flesh torn off someone's leg. He obviously thought he can outrun the dogs chasing him.

For those of you who do not wish to have dogs in their house all day long, we recommend hiring a professional that will take care and feed the dogs during daytime and bring them back to you upon sunset.

Cameras and Sophisticated Protection

One of the most popular and cost-effective means of protection are the security cameras. They are not too expensive, they are useful and can be controlled and monitored easily. There are perimeter cameras that track and detect movement. Once they detect somebody's movement using thermal or volume sensor, they follow it until the person has left the frame.

Also, when any movement is detected, the system sends an immediate alert to the security guards and security consultants on duty as well as to the designated Security Center – also occupied by professional security consultants. This way you get the security team moving towards you instantly, while at the same time getting an exact record of the intruder's Modus Operandi.

Moreover, you can install sensors on the wall surrounding the house. Once detecting any movement, the system alerts the proper individuals.  You can do the exact same thing using the Laser-Eye security along the wall or the fence you own.

In addition, if you wish to further enhance the security level, we recommend you use illumination and sound oriented systems that are activated upon the detection of a motion.
Using such a technique will bring about the activation of a projector pointed directly at the intruder, thus facilitating his detention and ensuing arrest. Many people also choose to add some alarming sound effects (i.e. gunfire, police sirens etc) used to confuse and scare the burglar.

Internal Security

Once we move on to internal security we must emphasize the use of electronic security devices which are quite different from the ones used outside. The use of both concealed as well as visible cameras around the house is of utmost importance. This way, even if the robber somehow manages to avoid the cameras he actually saw, there will be some more cameras waiting for him along the way. We recommend installing the cameras in some unusual angles and to keep them on a direct eye contact height.

One more advice I can share you from my own security consulting experience is to equip the door with sensors alerting the security center when detecting a motion or when the temperature changes due to the fact a warm body passes by.

Panic Buttons

The panic button is one of the most significant and considerable elements that have to do with the security and protection of your own property. We no longer mean the old panic button everybody is already familiar with, but rather an entire network of buttons scattered around the house, both in visible and invisible spots. The kitchen's walls, underneath the owner's armchair and underneath the marble are all great examples.

Furthermore, there are panic buttons situated on a bracelet or a medallion actually containing two buttons: one for a medical emergency and the other for security emergency purposes. Using the advanced top notch equipment we possess, derived directly from years of experience in the field of security consulting, we can even speak with the person in need whenever an emergency occurs. Our unique devices are designed in a way allowing us to turn up the volume up to 100 times if our client cannot speak louder or is in fact in the midst of a severe medical distress.

If necessary, the client's entire medical records are located within our reach allowing us to instantly assess and analyze his medical condition, based on his voice and breaths and using a unique technology while the first aid teams are all ready en route. Obviously, if any of the security guards or security consultants is already present – they shall naturally handle the situation right away.

To conclude, today's reality makes us face serious challenges in terms of keeping our property and personal belongings safe. Lucky for us, the reality we live in also provides us with the opportunity to use the world's most advanced security measures in order to counter and eliminate those threats. We invite you to shield and defend yourself using the services of the Security Consulting Company that is always located one step ahead of the rest.


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