Beni Tal's Security Company

Beni Tal's Security Company, was established in Israel with the aim of providing  a complete, fast and professional response to complex issues in a wide spectrum  of security-related fields

The Security Company operates three divisions in Israel and an additional branch abroad, and serves clients from the private, public and municipal sectors.
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Creativity, daring and decisiveness are the key words which guide us when executing a project, along with protection of human lives, uncompromising professionalism, and total reliability. These are ever-present in all our fields of activity, and constitute a central part of the Company's world view and operation.
We work to custom-tailor modular solutions to client requirements and to the specific situation; this, while strictly maintaining full confidentiality and client privacy.
The Israeli Security Company operates as per the "value added" concept, whereby we can provide clients with complementary services, while leveraging our size advantage, in the various departments and branches, to provide solutions that arise during the process, or as per the client's changing requirements.


Security Comapny | security training - M16 Rifle
BTS is the proud partner of many leading companies in the Israeli security industry. We believe in cooperation and integration as an inseparable part of our activities in both Israel and abroad.


BTS is a major figure in the security market, with extensive activities in Israel and abroad. For confidentiality reasons, we cannot name our customers, but can state that the company provides its services to persons and corporations in the Israeli local market, to law enforcement agencies, banking and finance companies, general customers and businessmen in the euro bloc and in Africa.

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