How to protect yourself from an assault?

Posted On 05.07.2012

Recently, we have witnessed an unfortunate series of rape events taking place on almost a daily basis. Men allow themselves to skip romance and use the easier and much crueler way to satisfy their sexual needs. So how can you protect yourself?

security companyFirst of all, every woman out there has to understand that there is no such thing as a "safe place" and therefore every precaution you take – will in fact be the one protecting you. Needless to say that passing through a dark parking lot or an empty and desolate street at night will not help because attackers will always prefer carrying out their malicious plan in obscure and secluded territories.

Never Alone

Various rapists and aggressors will always prefer going after the easiest pray, just as the lion will constantly set his sight on the weakest and smallest animals in the pack. We have all heard of some incidents in which the presence of men did not prevent the attack. Nevertheless, always try to avoid hanging out by yourself, and if you are in fact alone, make sure that your mobile phone is available. You can even hold it in your hand or make a real call to someone that will talk to you while you are on your way home.

Self Defense

Nowadays, you can purchase various means of self-defense in quite reasonable prices: from tear gas and pepper spray to an electric shocker. All of them can deter the aggressor or even stall him for a short period of time that will allow you to escape and call for help. Each one comes in various shapes and degrees of strength and I strongly recommend you to carry one of them in your bag.

Furthermore, you can always take numerous self-defense classes that will provide you with the basic skills needed to confront a potential attacker, while at the same time teaching you how to remain calm in stressful moments. You must keep in mind that there are several key strategic body parts you can aim for in order to harm the person wishing to harm you: The groin area is certainly the first coming to mind. You can also aim at the nose and significantly weaken the aggressor and finally you can use the old but yet effective method – throwing sand in his eyes. Literally.

All of the methods mentioned above, and many more which were not mentioned, will help you in a time of need. Nevertheless, you should always remember that you can never be too careful. Try not to seclude yourself with people you hardly know, avoid drinking from glasses you yourself haven't seen the drink poured into, drink from closed bottles only and be as alerted as possible.


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