Infrastructure Security

BTS Security Company has a well established strategy for facility security. Precise integration between two elements – human and technology – creates a comprehensive and absolute solution for all potential threats.

Each facility is provided with a unique "security suite", custom-tailored according to various criteria, such as:

  •  Work area sensitivity.Security Company - facility security
  •  Facility contents.
  •  Potential environmental threats.
  •  Employee population.
  •  Event and incident history in the facility and its surrounding environment.
The department provides skilled and qualified personnel, trained to the standards required by the law and security authorities. The department will be in constant direct contact with additional outer line security forces during both routine and emergency situations to improve drills, response time, and force integration.
The security plan includes use of various different means, such as control rooms, filtering stations, car patrols, foot patrols, fence security services, CCTV, state of the art entrance control systems, and alarm and location systems.