Israeli Security Against Terrorism Forest Fires

Posted On 16.08.2012

Israeli Security Company

In light of many cases in recent years, there is no other way from declaring the recognition new way of terrorism: The Arson Terror.
There is more and more groups in the Arab Israeli Community, who want to inflame the security situation and increase tensions in the already fragile and small country, by burning large areas of forests.
Despite the improvements which the authorities are trying to get in the firefighting system (ground and air), we are getting quickly to the burning moment when we cannot control this large amount of arsons.
Hot weather is fueling the wildfires, but note that the break points are well-planned, in an attempt to create a parallel fires which would be difficult to control. Moreover, we can notice the constant approaching of fires to the population centers.
We have to create, as soon as possible, local security systems in the problematic areas, such as Jerusalem, The Galilee, Carmel, etc. These are the places which are crowded in wooded areas and nearby have many communities who may be vulnerable when the fire is getting out of control.
I have no doubt, if not promoted it as soon as possible, that we could not deal with the next big fire.
We should secure the areas massively, while monitoring the security teams will be done by the local authorities. The security, should be carried out by teams who will travel by jeeps along roads. The teams, which will tour day and night, should check suspicious movements, and prevent suspicious people from making fires.
Areas which are less accessible, can explore using unmanned aerial vehicles, which will take non-stop photographs of the surface and locate outbreaks of fires as they are small, so that an airplane can take cate of the fire immediately.
In addition, we must act to aggravate punishment against the fire makers and their partners and understand that we are fighting terrorism and not punks or mischief. Next time, we may find ourselves facing our houses burned when trapped inside. It is time to act to prevent, and not only for minimize damage.


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