Land Forces

Land forces are the main and most important component in any military force.  We at BTS know how to provide solutions at both the strategic and tactical level, while formulating a system-wide, comprehensive plan to upgrade and improve capabilities.

BTS experts will put together an integrative solution with optimal utilization of human and technological assets, will create a real change in the military's force utilization concept, and will streamline operations in each branch.

BTS provides solutions in the following fields:

  •  Upgrading and improving existing equipment.
  •  Development and training for infantry forces.
  •  Development and training for armored and engineering forces.
  •  Development and training for artillery forces.
  •  Development and training for special-mission units.
  • Bodyguards | Facility SecurityAnalysis and improvement of the current military doctrine.
  •  Consultation and formulation of a future battlefield doctrine.