Personal Security Drafting And Job Requirements

Posted On 23.08.2012

Personal security guards and bodyguards are not easy professions, which usually does not sound heroic. These professions require a special character and a very specific match between the candidate and the role. How personal security persons are selected and how they are sorted? That we'll be detail below.

Israeli Security Company

The basic criterion and the most important, is actually mental health. Before any estimate of fitness, endurance or ability make, it is important to know that the person we are looking for is not insane or mentally unbalanced.

In addition, we always look for candidates who possess a high definition capability and know how to take attention to little details in the surrounding area. For example, during a security mission, we need to get attention to a red sniper laser light, which exposed in the corner of an eye in a hundredth of a second. This ability can be the differences between a healthy secure a failed mission.

The security persons we choose, must be intelligent, smart and capable propulsion and changing existing situations pitch against conditions that are not completely controlled.


There is an importance, to provide a selection of security guards to the security force commander. Typically, the guards will be shorts, talls and very talls – in order to allow a maximum adjustment with the terrain.

For example, it is not a good idea to put a 1.60 m security guard with a bunch of 1.90 m guards. First, they will hide him from the public and thus actually harms the goal to secure from the outside. Second, eye contact between the guard secure is the most important thing, which may be affected in such a case.

of course, there is no need to elaborate on the importance of appearance is sturdy and solid style, which is intended to deter and to clarify that there is a security system stable and strong which is responsible for the situation.

Physical capabilities and performativity

Personal security and bodyguards should be prepared for a situation. Yes, of course they must have the physical fitness and cardio workouts in a constant and aggressive. These candidates must have a combat military experience, giving them an advantage in combat situations preparedness and understanding situations.

A person who has never been in combat situations, may find itself at a critical moment, completely paralyzed or worse – bolted in place to fill the role.


After passing the initial drafting, the bodyguards is entering the VIP protection unit system state. This takes about 6 months provided dormitory, which are securing additional training, such as physical training, firing ranges and combat situations change, other weapons, electronic security equipment and more.

Also, the guards are transformed and trained to fight with guns. Although there are sometimes using M16 or Uzi for example, most of the security work is carried out using guns and adjust work patterns and thinking of it.

This training also strengthen the capabilities of Krav Maga and direct fighting, to ensure that in the case of inhibition of weapons or ammunition end, they will be able to continue to protect and secure themselves.

Of course, during the course there is considerable dropping outs becaose the need to provide an elite group without compromise.

BTS security company

Our personal security guards are graduates of the Dignitary Protection Unit, who gained experience in the field, and which, after screening, have an additional training designed to suit our requirements.

In conclusion, as stated in the beginning, personal security professions are difficult and require many different abilities. VIP security should look at any given moment for suspect or perpetrator, and should have the ability to warn about it and even take the hit instead of the person that they secure.


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