Screening, Qualifying and Training Security Guards in Security Companies

Unfortunately, both employers and normal citizens may encounter VIP Security Guards who seem out of shape. Colonel Beni Tal, founder and CEO of BTSecurity, provides his insight for screening and training processes in one of the oldest and most respected security companies in Israel.

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All candidates must have clean criminal record

When hiring new employees, it is important for us to conduct initial screening based on their data, dividing them to into two levels. All candidates must have clean criminal record.

  • First level includes alumni of special combat units in the military, with high physical score and highest combat training. Candidates are 22-27 years of age, must be in excellent physical shape, with no psychological problems, and at least 5’9 feet.
  • Second level includes mainly sentinels, who statically secure defined places such as homes and offices. They must have minimum height of 5’9 feet, between 22-30, with good physical shape and basic army training.

Background Checks for Employees

If a candidate falls in the first level, unlike other security companies, we check the candidate’s qualifications and background by reviewing his military discharge papers and seeking references from both previous army commanders and employers. If a candidate completed the Israeli Defense Ministry course, it proves their credentials and qualifies them for classified positions.  In addition, the candidate is required to complete a graphologist evaluation and, if needed, a polygraph screening. We have encountered candidates who either lied or who appear to have massive muscles but lacking good physical shape.

Courses and Training

Each Security Guard who joins our company must complete target shooting course and firing range tests; during trainings candidates fire hundreds of bullets to develop their skills. In addition, all Security Guard completes first aid course and other courses, geared towards building skills. These courses prepare them for top performance at their position, and provide a wide and wise vision of an area, much better than that of citizens and average security guards.

All through the employment period, the security guard attends periodic exams and training, including physical tests, firing range and health exams. If a security guard severely gained weight, he is required to shape up prior to being reassigned.

Work Rotation

All human beings face work burnout. Understanding that, all security guards are re-assigned every 2-3 months. Management decides the assignments, without notifying the security guards or accepting requests. After a yearlong rotation, the employee returns to the original assignment. The rotation mechanism also prevents communications with undesired entities or creating bad habits, such as a particular case in another security company in which the security guard robbed the branch where he worked.

We also use other methods for screening and training, but we are unable to reveal them. After all, this is what makes us a successful security company in Israel and worldwide.