Securing a U.S. President During a Presidential Campaign

Posted On 28.11.2012

The US Elections are already behind us and there is no doubt that apart from both Obama and Romney's relieved hearts – each one for its own reasons, the Secret Service agents in charge of securing both candidates during the campaign can finally catch a breath.

Beni Tal - Executive Protection | Security Company

Beni Tal securing the late Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin and current Israeli President Shimon Peres

Even the Closest Supporters May Pose a Threat

The most difficult challenge when it comes to the security of the incumbent President, the more so when it comes to the President of the United States, lies obviously in finding the right balance between the need for constant security and his will to meet and greet his supporters. Moreover, the hectic schedule of the campaign period makes it ten times harder to make the necessary security adjustments. This naturally makes the job even more difficult.

It is important to remember that while the executive and personal security team accompanies the President wherever he goes, you also have the Advanced Security Team which is responsible for the earlier arrival to the venue of the conference, sweeping the entire area for any cellular-based devices that can be used in order to set off a bomb remotely.

Furthermore, the security company team checks (also in advance) the identities of all invited personnel who are supposed to enter the hall, putting extra special attention to people who had a previously police related entanglement of some sort. In addition, the Secret Service obviously keeps a close eye on the crowd attending the campaign rally in order to prevent any harmful occurrences.

Four Circles of Presidential Security

The fourth security circle (which is also the most distant from the president) consists of local police forces guarding the roads leading the President from the airport to the meeting place. Among other things, they are responsible for blocking roads and driveways so that the President could reach his destination safely and without any interruption.

 The third circle is the circle of the president's undercover security, situated mainly around and inside the venue pretending to serve as cooks or cleaners. Make no mistake about it, they carry weapons and communication devices in case something goes wrong.

The second circle is the circle of the visible security guards that are located in every room, hallway and even on the roof scouting for potential threats. Finally, the first circle consists of course of the President's closest bodyguards who are also in charge of securing the lives the President's family and entourage. These are the people with the highest professional skills around and they are also the ones that have to be ready to risk their lives at any given time, taking a bullet instead of the President if so necessary.

Bodyguards in particular and security guards in general, are doing an incredibly hard and complicated job. Often times they have to be fully focused for 16 straight hours. Every decision maker out there – first and foremost the President must salute them and applaud their efforts.


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