Securing President Morsi during the Egyptian Riots

Posted On 12.12.2012

The Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, successor of former President Hosni Mubarak, has recently been under an unprecedented personal wave of attacks following his intention to abolish the post of attorney general and apply a series of regulations which will surely extend his own  Presidential authorities and powers. B.T.S Security - Executive Protection

The goal is to prevent a bloody civil war

The Egyptian public didn't like (to say the least) the decision taken by Morsi and so thousands of protesters gathered in the Tahrir Square in Cairo calling for Morsi's resignation. This is obviously the exact same square in which the protesters that wanted to end the reign of Mubarak gathered in just one year ago. Later on, tens of thousands angry citizens gathered in several additional locations around the city and even broke into the presidential palace.

In order to immediately restore the order to the streets, the military command has launched a  massive amount of troops and tanks into the streets of Cairo to secure the palace and the main sites in the Egyptian capital. The main goal was clear – preventing a bloody civil war.

The Presidential Security Unit  is Working Overtime

Naturally, besides maintaining the order on the streets of the capital, there is a cardinal importance to maintaining the personal safety and security of the incumbent president. History has showed us time and time again that during periods characterized by government instability,  militant opposition often tries to take advantage of the overall confusion In order to seize power and overthrow the leader. This scenario and  phenomenon would be disastrous for a country like Egypt, lacking any democratic heritage and traditions.

 This is exactly where the President's personal security unit comes into play. First, it has to completely isolate the president and his family in a facility outside the city. This facility must obviously include any relevant C&C devices allowing Morsi to do his job. Needless to say that the location of the secret bunker must be known only to a few people who hold the highest security clearance.

In addition, the security unit is to make sure that President Morsi will have a public double that will appear to be him in public. The rationale behind such an action is to completely mislead the public as to the real position of the President and at the same time to send a clear message to the public and the entire world – everything is okay.

The Presidential Security Units must protect the president at any cost, mainly because they know better than anyone that just last year, Muammar Ghadaffi has been assassinated by an angry mob in Libya, Egypt's neighbor. The protesters in Libya demanded – and eventually received Ghaddafi's head.

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