Securing President Obama in Israel – Why was it so Successful?

Posted On 28.03.2013

This article was written by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal – Founder and Owner of BTS Security

President Barack Obama has been in Israel for three days and I believe the main highlight of his visit is the excellent perimeter all-around security that deserves full marks.

The President's visit has been a great opportunity to watch a rare example of perfect security – a combination of The Secret Service and The Shin Bet. The Americans worked tirelessly and brought specially armored vehicles and even professional food tasters whose job was to make sure that nobody poisons the President. BTS Security

The entire operation is a very complicated one. It includes significant preparations even before AIR FORCE 1 lands here. An advanced team arrives and makes sure where exactly will the President stay and via which routs he will be travelling. The Secret Service also uses decoy convoys aimed to prevent any assassination attempts.

Watching out for snipers

During the entire journey is obviously escorted by undercover agents who watch for snipers and other potential threats. The successful cooperation between the Israeli and American forces prevented any possible security breach – fortunately.

Apart from the private security firms taking part in this operation, the Israeli Police worked very hard alongside The Secret Service and The Shin Bet and The Mossad in order to ensure Obama's safety. The entire visit went well without any unexpected malfunctions and I believe that this experience will soon be taught in various senior national security levels.


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