Securing Schools Around the World

Posted On 23.01.2013

This article was written by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal – Founder and Owner of BTS Security

The security problem in schools all over the world creates a life-threatening situation for both students and staff. Therefore, we ought to protect everyone in school against the ever-rising violence.

Murder and violence on school grounds

In recent years we have witnessed a global problem having to do with school security. The school should be a safe haven for the education staff and also for the pupils and students studying there. Nevertheless, in practice we have witnessed numerous incidents during which frustrated former students have decided to take out their lasting frustration on innocent students who just came to school wishing to get an education.

Above all I mean those mentally ill criminals who possess guns, break into a school and leave dozens of bodies behind – often committing suicide in order to avoid jail time. In addition, we have also witnessed many cases of mentally ill patients who break into a school without any weapons and harm anyone around them. Beni Tal - School Security

Just last month we all heard about the shocking incident in the city of Newtown in Connecticut during which 26 students and staff members were massacred. People start to realize that school isn't that safe anymore. The helpless children were murdered by a mentally ill person who wasn't arrested at the entrance as he should have been. Often times, parents decide to take out their frustration on the teachers and educators that supposedly treated their children the wrong way.

Performing Security Checks

Permissive gun laws around the world must change because unfortunately weapons are often used for aggressive purposes that cause death and sorrow. Schools must be protected because our children are the most precious asset we possess. We must make sure they are safe.

Therefore, we must ensure that only authorized individuals can enter school premise with a name-tag with their name on it / their D.O.B, their image or even finger-prints. Any stranger wishing to enter the school will be required to undergo security checks that will verify that no ammo or weapons are inserted to school.

Furthermore, any parent who wishes to enter the school will be allowed to do so only after formal approval of the school has been given and a special escort provided. The security guards securing your children today must be replaced young strong and trained guards that carry weapons.

The school security guards are ought to come directly from a well known company specializing in security guard training – possessing the appropriate skills and accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Remember, security guards that will not pass the tests – will not be hired. This is a serious matter that shouldn't be overlooked.


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