Security Lessons Learned from the "Sandy Hook" Massacre

Posted On 22.12.2012

This article was written by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal – Founder and Owner of BTS Security

Just last weekend the entire world had been thoroughly shocked by the horrific Connecticut based "Sandy Hook" elementary shooting committed by a 20 year old Adam Lanza who took the lives of 20 young children and six adults – not before killing his own mother and eventually committing suicide.

Beni Tal - Security Lessons from the "Sandy Hook" Shooting

The Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza – TV Screen Caption

His deep affection to weapons was rooted in the weekly routine he and his mother – who as abovementioned became his first victim – had kept for years – visiting the shooting range on a weekly basis. This is despite the fact that Adam had probably been diagnosed with some kind of mental autism like disability.

Establishing a Firearms Directorate is an imperative

Over 300 million firearms of various types can be found in American households today. This is a direct result of the American heritage and culture rooted in the battle between the American settlers and the British crown around 240 years ago. This is exactly why the founding fathers have decided to include the right to bear arms in the Second Constitutional Amendment. Now, in order to prevent the recurrence of such tragic incidents American lawmakers are ought to apply a series of regulations that will limit every citizen's capability to purchase weapons.

First and foremost, the filtering methods as far as firearms purchasing is concerned have to be more rigorous. Furthermore, a firearms directorate has to be established for him to perform a thorough examination of all those who already hold a gun in The United States. In addition, this directorate will also take care of any future purchases implementing the abovementioned stricter rules. For example, people with any mental illnesses will automatically be disqualified from weapons purchasing. On the other hand, people with a stable military record will be able to purchase weapons more easily.

Moreover, the U.S. government must declare an enforcement operation collecting weapons from people who do not hold them legally while at the same time to immediately suspend until further notice the citizens' ability to buy weapons all across the country without a special permission.

The Security Procedures must be Tightened

Moreover, in addition to the need to address the issue of permits, tightening the security procedures around educational institutions, commercial centers and large office buildings across the country is also a MUST. The United States must understand that we are talking about an emergency situation in which unfortunately at any given moment a shooting incident may occur.

In that sense, the American people must use Israel's example as far as security protocols which were tightened during the second Intifada when you could have found a security guard virtually at every entry – always ready to prevent any potential hazard.


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