The Importance of Weapon Customization For Guards

Despite the rapid development of personal weapons on the last decades and their suitability to the user, which grown dramatically, we still see quite a few cases of security guards and security personnel who have weapons that just does not suit them. Even more serious problem is the lack of awareness of the implications of thesituation.

security company

In most security systems, whether it’s a security company or a unit at the IDF, weapons are large and distributed en masse without checking correspondence the person who use it.

In the past, there were no major choices, and therefore there was no high importance for weapon matching the user experience. Most of the 9-mm pistols were quite heavy (like the Beretta or Smith & Wesson known) and with a tremendous kick that challenged even the most solid person. Today, most weapons are made of polymer materials and special alloys, that allow for strength and reliability on the one hand, and ease of carrying on the other.

Each weapon and his role

In my opinion, weapon must be adapted specifically for each position and person, which is  characterized by:

Job requirements: for example traffic cop should have 'demonstrative' weapon, compared with personal security guard – who should have to pull out a weapon which can be easily place under the arm and another gun that can be plant in the foot in case of emergency (like a miniature Glock, for example).

Hand: Is the hand of the user is large or small? Does the holder suffers from hyperhidrosis, and will have to use a more coarser grip?

Stability of the body: There are people, whether their body structure is large or small, who easily repulsed by the recoil of the weapon. These people shout have a customized weapons that can adjust easily to use with stability and efficiency.

Note that, as more as the mismatch between the weapon and the guard, will become extreme – the failure will grow. For this very reason we often hear the army with statements like "You were five feet from the terrorist – how did you missed it".

I call for all security companies and security forces, to stop purchasing weapons in wholesale by tender. Just as a football player need to match his shoes to his feet, there is also a way to adjust the personal weapon to the guard as lightly as possible.