The Woman who Fought and Managed to Defeat a Terrorist

Posted On 04.12.2012

In recent days, we all heard the name of Yael Ram – Matzpon from Sde-Avraham, whose children, as well as obviously she herself, could have been the new victims of a brutal terror attack as the one that took place in Itamar. 

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Screenshot from channel 10

Yael Ram – Matzpon proved to us all that despite being rather small, as far as size in concerned, her unwavering determination and refusal to give in to the terrorist's demand made the difference. The terrorist knew that his mission was to kill as many Israelis as possible, acknowledging that he will probably not be able to actually exit the house alive – thus becoming a martyr. Eventually, he did die being shot by security forces who chased him.

The Hole in the Fence allowed the Terrorist to infiltrate Israel

The terrorist's entrance to the settlement has been made possible after he found a hole In the fence separating Israel and Gaza. After he did so, he began searching for victims and entered the first house he saw. Due to the fact it was nighttime and the family's father has been called to reserve duty, the light lit in the living room raised Yael's immediate suspicion. This was the moment she understood something is wrong.

First, the terrorist has entered Yael's room, leaning over her with a knife. She knew that if he kills her, he will obviously not spare the children that slept in the adjacent rooms. She had to gather her mental strength, faith and courage in order to neutralize the terrorist from his weapon and distance him from the children. She did it and later on she managed to lock the terrorist in the bathroom while at the same time calling for backup.

The Security Forces must Learn their Lesson

Unfortunately, before the security and rescue forces have arrived, the terrorist had already managed to escape through the bathroom's open window and run to the same fence he broke through earlier. The Israeli security forced caught up to him before he crossed the border and executed a suspect's arrest routine shooting at the air asking him to stop. When he refused – he was shot to death.

 Despite the fact that this incident has fortunately ended without any casualties, the security forces and law enforcement agencies must learn a grave lesson, immediately closing the hole that caused the entire mess, while at the same time increasing the security and protection of the communities living near The Gaza Strip.

Either way, the real hero of this entire affair is of course Yael Ram – Matzpon who completely deserves every praise

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