The Working Process

BTS Security Consulting division is responsible for planning, building and operating security systems for various parties in the private and governmental sectors. It also conducts threat assessments, security vulnerability analysis, and provides a solution for potential threats.

BTS security company specializes in establishing comprehensive and total security solutions, which include pre-planning– formulating work procedures and detailed security and screening protocols; implementation – using high-quality personal while supplying state of the art equipment and technology; and control – through mentoring and constant study and improvement.

All these come together to create a perfect meticulous security mechanism which meets the strictest of security standards and the most stringent requirements.

BTS Security Comapny Consulting services include:

  • BTS Security Comapny Consulting servicesIn-depth analysis of relevant threats and risks for clients.
  • Assessing operational vulnerabilities at the destination.
  • Preparing an overall comprehensive plan in order to provide an optimal solution within given limitations and constraints.
  • Escorting the process over a long period of time while providing mentoring and feedback.
  • Consulting services are provided for both the human level – charting of procedures, preparing modes of operation and dealing with situations and scenarios, and the technical level – putting together an ensemble of innovative electronic and technological equipment aimed at monitoring and handling problems and difficulties.