Three Important Principles in Securing Business

Posted On 29.01.2013

This article was written by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal – Founder and Owner of BTS Security



The job of a security company is to offer protection for homes and commercial establishments. These companies offer customers both private and home security and the security guards are usually dressed in a uniform.

Principles that should govern the securing business


  1. Professionally managed security companies usually train their staffs to display a strong sense of responsibility and sense of duty. Their duty consciousness must extend to the people they are appointed to protect.
  2. The capacity to make the right judgment at the right time is another attribute a good security guard must possess. They must have a balanced demeanor that will allow them to respond in the right manner during crisis. A good securing business must train their employees professionally and ensure that each one of them have the necessary training and certification.
  3. A professionally managed security company will make sure that their employees are equipped with the right weapons to aid them with their job. Security companies must however ensure that the weapons are certified and licensed. Guards chosen by the companies must also have alert, strong and observant eyes that will help them testify clearly in court if necessary.

Choose the right guard who will be an asset

These are three of the most important principles that should govern the securing business. In a tense situation, security guards must remain calm and cool. They must be swift in their responses and must be able to comprehend the situation at the onset. The guard must be able to make the right decision on whether to call the police or manage on his own.

The best security companies train their guards to be honest and courageous with strong moral and ethical beliefs. The guards must also have great communication skills and must have enough common sense to judge right each time. It is in your interest to choose a security company that will supply exceptionally trained guards.



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