Using a security force against Beitar Jerusalem's La Familia organization

Posted On 14.02.2013

This article was written by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal – Founder and Owner of BTS Security

The Beitar Jerusalem's fans organization – "La Familia" members crossed a red line when they decided to burn the team's offices. Now the Israeli police must take a serious step towards dealing with the organization that destroys our sport.

The Police must act – the sooner the better

Both the Israeli Police and the State of Israel have rightly spoken against the recent events in the capital's side Beitar. For a long time now, we have all witnessed a series of racially motivated protests against two new muslim players that came from Chechnya to play for the club. At first, the police and the judicial authorities didn't pay much attention to the group and so they anarchist monster grew to an disproportional size.

It seems that such fans destroy take out the fun of the game, and harm an experience that is supposed to be both cultural as well as obviously physical. Those fans also give other normal fans of Beitar a bad name. They also make the Israeli citizens as a whole – look bad in the eyes of the world. This incident has been reported all over the world and now someone actually made the right decision by starting fighting the organization – and more importantly – this ugly phenomenon.

Beni Tal - Confroting the La Fimilia Organization

Beni Tal – Confroting the La Fimilia Organization

According to the report we saw on the SPORT5 website, it seemed as if the Israeli Police forces acted properly and now we'll have to wait and see what will be the penalties, those fans that were expelled from the stadium – will receive. We have heard the curses aimed at Kadaev – the Chechen player who came on as a substitute – but fortunately nothing more serious took place.

Penetrating the organization is the key for its destruction

In order to deal with these organizations effectively, the police must penetrate the organization in a very professional manner. The agents will have to use a cover of actual fans in order to get to know he organization from within and their Modus Operandi. Their goal would also be to get the names of the leaders of the group to the police – and get them locked up as soon as possible.

It is simply unimaginable that in 2013 soccer players aren't able to play for whichever club they want. We know of a lot of examples where Arabs and Jews play together without any problem – such teams like Maccabi Haifa, Maccabi Natanya and Hapoel Tel-Aviv are all examples that should serve as a positive reminder. In Beitar on the other hand, fans might think that they can use violence In order to get results.

Once we'll make the fans face a massive security force using reasonable force when needed – we will abolish this inexcusable behavior. Some methods used to fight terror can also be used in Beitar. If the English government managed to abolish hooliganism  – there is no reason to think that Beitar would be an exception.


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