Video Documentation of Important Security Company Mission

Posted On 11.02.2013

This article was written by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal – Founder and Owner of BTS Security

בני טל - חברת אבטחה

בני טל – חברת אבטחה

Almost all homes and offices today are guarded by security guards or video surveillance systems. The top security companies offering mission-critical surveillance depend entirely on video documentation and round the clock monitoring to ensure optimum security and offer reliable services.

Video documentation process

The best security company always back up their operations with video documentation. Professionally managed companies have the capability to scale thousands of cameras and offer exceptional security for important public places like casinos, airports and even major cities.

The importance of video documentation cannot be underestimated. No matter how many guards are on duty, it is not possible for security companies to monitor each and every area of large buildings and areas constantly. Installing security cameras is an excellent way of monitoring vast areas. Access is provided to stakeholders across the enterprise through multiple user profiles.

Aspects to look for in the video surveillance security company you choose

If you are looking for the best video surveillance security system for a large public place, it is important to choose a security company that offers professional equipment and service. For example, the company you choose must offer the right infrastructure and architecture that will ensure that there is no interruption to active device recordings even if there is a single system failure.

Professionally managed security companies will assure you of maximum system uptime with multiple redundancy levels. This is especially important for mission-critical operations where the cameras have to be of high definition and megapixel.

Choose an easy to approach video documentation and security system that will provide centralized management, operational flexibility, greater control, integration capabilities and cost-effective 24 hour recording.

The top security company will ensure that customers benefit from the IP VMS system combined with the responsiveness and quality of traditional analog installations. As a customer, it pays to choose the best security company that can promise you expert video documentation of important security missions.


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