Violent Eviction Under a Fresh Invasion

Posted On 11.10.2012

About a week ago BTS Security got contacted by a factory owner that owns 3.7 acres of unattended land behind his factory of which he preserved for future construction. Since the owner of the property has been spending a long period of time in China, the managers left in charge of the property were not aware that a group of hostile invaders have placed containers and a wide range of construction equipment resulting in a hostile invasion over the whole 3.7 acres of land. This occurred during the night while no one was there to see, the invaders built a fence around the property and acted as if it was their own. The invaders have been invading the property for 20 days before BTS security got contacted, It is very important to stress that according to Israeli law this is regarded as a "Fresh Invasion" thus enabling us to execute a "Violent Eviction" without the need of a court order.Israeli Security Company

Prior to The BTS Security team arriving on site, we have attained all legal ownership and property documents from the owner including Arial Images of the property for each of those 20 days of the invasion allowing our team to provide the police with evidence that we are abiding the law. We were preparing to breach the property with Trucks, Cranes, Tractors, a wide array of logistics and a specialized Security Team. Our Team arrived on site at midnight, at first our security team breached and scanned the area to cross out any physical resistance, then the Tractors removed the fence, the Cranes picked up the containers up on the Trucks, the Tractors shaved off the concrete castings and slowly but surely the property was restored to its original state. All the confiscated Containers and items were placed in storage until the invaders pay our Clients expenses.

To conclude, 3.7 acres of factory were removed in 6 hours, The invaders returned at 6am, calling the police to no avail since we were holding all the legal documents proving we were working by the constraints of the law and by the order of the owner. By 7am the property was completely restored to its original state and now with the addition of a security cameras, an electric fence and jeep patrols with armed guards as BTS Security has recommended. We can safel


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