Violent Security – Protecting a CEO who Fired Violent Employees

Posted On 02.01.2013

This article was written by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal – Founder and Owner of BTS Security

Unfortunately, often times we see that some workers tend to intimidate their own managers, refuse do their job properly, disobey orders and yet those managers are afraid to let them go. Just recently, we were approached by a CEO who took a brave decision and fired a horrible and violent employee with a previous criminal record.  

A show of force is all it needed

The problem is that most CEO's don’t have the guts it takes to fire those people because they are afraid of the aftermath of their decision. In order to prevent any similar events we have ordered five of our most vigorous bodyguards to secure the CEO and the other senior management and workers from within the factory. This show of force has apparently calmed down the insubordinate employee.

Beni Tal - Violent Security

Beni Tal – Violent Security

We settled down in the factory for a few days until this employee has been the opportunity to attend a hearing he deserves by law. Upon his entrance to the factory, he was carefully body-checked (using proportionate violence) in order to make sure he does not carry any weapons or chemicals that can harm the CEO.

Implementing a more comprehensive strategy

Moreover, two security guards were stationed on both sides of the door when the employee entered the hearing. The CEO told his former employee that he is a rather rebellious person who is not doing his job properly and creates an unpleasant work environment. In response, the employee immediately started cursing the boss trying to hurt him. This is where the guards have entered the picture without using extreme violence, simply trying to calm the raging employee.

When it became apparent that the violent employee will not cease to try and hit the CEO, our security guards have lifted him decisively and escorted him outside the factory, explaining him that he shouldn't return. He, on the other hand, stated that he will return along with some friends of his, and will also try to reach the CEO at his own private residence.

 As of that moment, we have implemented a different and more comprehensive security strategy, setting red lines that can't be crossed no matter what. We put perimeter security around the CEO both at his house and his office. Furthermore, the security guards were ordered to prevent the entrance of the former employee and his friends to the factory and the call the police if an emergency occurs. The following day, the employee and his friends have indeed arrived and were denied entrance accordingly.

Finally, we stayed at the factory for a week. The employee had received the compensation he was promised and realized that he really shouldn't return – thus concluding the violent employee's affair.


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