Violent Security – The Brave Security Guard that Managed to Stop the Offender

Posted On 19.12.2012

This article was written by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal – Founder and Owner of BTS Security

This week an armed civilian shot at a security guard that was guarding a secured facility situated at the town of Bnei-Brak. The offender even managed to steal the guard's weapon and escape but it wasn't before she actually managed to wound him as well and make his escape a lot more difficult. After a two-hour manhunt, the security forces fortunately managed to apprehend the suspect.

 Beni Tal - Violent Security

The police investigation has discovered that the suspect had arrived to the "Elisra" company HQ around 06:00 and managed to shoot her from a short range ending up wounding her and escaping. Shortly after the incident, the security guard has been evacuated to the Tel-Aviv based "Ichilov" hospital for further treatment.

The constant training allowed the heroines to be ready for any possible scenario    

This is a very serious incident that could have ended in the death of the security guard that was only doing her job. Fortunately enough, the entire affair ended in the arrest of the suspect and without any casualties. This story joins yet another similar one that took place some 10 ago when a border patrol officer shot and killed a terrorist that was threatening to kill her friend.

In both cases, the security guard as well as the border patrol officer were brave women who didn't avoid contact with the offender – quite the opposite – they weren't afraid to take the shot when they had to.

Their cool behavior is a direct result of extensive night and day training, the reason behind which was the need to constantly improve their violent conflict management skills. During these last two weeks both of them showed all of us that they probably excelled.

Both cases have once again emphasized the utmost importance of constant training focused on both physical fitness as well as on weapon handling skills. This combination becomes inevitable when it comes to high valued facilities' security and obviously civilian security.


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