Violent Security Without Violence

Posted On 26.12.2012

This article was written by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal – Founder and Owner of BTS Security

This week we were approached by a law firm asking us to help them in taking over two food-oriented businesses that they were appointed as caretakers for. It was supposed to be an easy job that they should have been able to complete by themselves but as we all know, when it comes to the Arab sector nothing is as simple as it first seems. Therefore – our involvement became inevitable.

Intelligence gathering is critical

The first step for us was to closely observe both businesses 24 hours a day, looking after every person that went in or out the compound being able to get a grasp of the offenders' full schedule. We knew the exact time people arrived and left, exactly when goods arrived and whose cars were parking at the adjacent parking. After we have collected all intelligence we needed – we moved forward into planning the operative guidelines and continued on to our second stage. B.T.S Security - Violent Security

We first decided to hide near the entrance to the village and briefed the relevant operation commanders and locksmiths that were supposed to carry out the job. Moreover, when we started moving – we were escorted by the lawyers that first approached us and an entire camera crew whose job was to film and document the entire operation – from start to finish.

The entire operation was filmed and documented – all relevant materials were confiscated

The dozens of guards we brought with us secured both facilities quite easily, while at the same time being able to prevent any physical contact, allowing the locksmiths to do their job safely.

At the request of the lawyers that hired us, we photographed the entire compound and executed an immediate registration of all the content that we found – as well as confiscating any relevant bookkeeping material and computers. All the materials we seized will be used later on as evidence in court.

The added value of the entire operation was performing the most violent security operation without real violence – and this is the real expertise of our profession – perfected mainly due to the professional experience we have accumulated over no less than 34 years.


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