Business loss- Undercover agents

Posted On 06.02.2012

In today’s global world, many companies face difficulties knowing and controlling the map of their business security, which may create business loss.

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Large corporations which hold merchandise, distribution lines, freight and logistics centers find it hard to see an up-to-date current state snapshot of all their business units mentioned above. This is mainly due to unreliable employees, great distractions and inability to monitor the process.

Though technological solutions have been developed to answer those needs, there is still no substitution for human capabilities and its advantages. We speak of inserting undercover agents to the core of the corporation.

How Can This Be Done?

Undercover agents from security companies are hired via the routine process, hired to fill regular positions such as cleaning employees, porters, stock personnel, etc.; and are then implanted in the various business units. They hear and document (using video and surveillance cameras) all information and report to their operator in the organic units.

Using the information provided by the agents, thefts and other actions of employees, managers and suppliers are revealed.

This information allows management to respond and put an end to those activities, which caused financial damage.

Another method, mainly effective in finance units or regarding matters of great secrecy, is to perform periodic polygraph exams, both as a fear factor as well as catching thieves.

To conclude, as mentioned above, there is no substitute for human capabilities, especially of those who are trained for it. It is a norm to insert undercover agents into corporations, a reality which one must adjust to and adopt for the benefits of the corporation. Equipment, money and information theft cause immediate damage, but may cause greater damage in the future.

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