Rescuing an African President under Heavy Fire

Posted On 26.01.2012

Given our company's vast experience as far as Executive Protection and Security operations involving prominent political figures around the globe is concerned, it is by all means not surprising that we are frequently asked to travel regions deemed unstable. In this following case study our company was asked to secure the safe extraction of an African deposed President from a country whose name we are not in liberty to disclose.      

Bodyguards | VIP Security | Military TrainingIn light of the bloody civil wars and riots frequently taking place in Central Africa, our company is often asked to provide Executive Protection services and Security Consulting to heads of French and English speaking states, while at the same time training his own personal security detail – using the Israeli renowned doctrine.

Following this pattern, we have received an urgent call from a head of state who asked us to help him escape from the hands of his rivals associated with an opposing tribe. The President has escaped to the jungles surrounding the capital while being hunted by opposing forces that wished to capture and publicly execute him.

 Life of Survival and Readiness to escape

The everyday lifestyle of an African President is rather different than the one of his European or North American counterparts. It is filled with the constant need to avoid danger using numerous tactics and strategies, being ready to leave your post in a few hours notice. Armed forces and aides carrying diplomatic passports, food and money in a case of a quick escape are all mandatory and obviously not only a recommendation.

Furthermore, the members of the President's personal security detail must all come from his own native tribe, due to the fact that only these kind of personal blood relations allow for the essential mutual trust. As far as African countries are concerned, the loyalty of the person by your side will determine your chances of survival.

Extraction under Fire

Our crew located the President in a deep forest extracting him as soon as possible upon finding a safe enough landing place. The president was rescued alongside his family and close staff using planes and additional crew from South Africa, and was subsequently delivered to a friendly country in which he would be safe.

Amidst extraction, when the rebel forces realized what the plan was, we were met by heavy gunfire. Nevertheless, the skill and professionalism, both of the pilots and the security guards has prevented a tragic loss of life – allowing the operation to be concluded safely.

Needless to say that since that day we keep maintaining friendly ties with the abovementioned president while at the same time providing him Executive Protection and Security services when required.

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