Dignitary Protection and Physical Security

The Beni Tal Security Company's initial line of business, since 1981 to this day.
This department has vast and varied experience in physical security in both Israel and abroad. The department recruits and trains discharged special-unit soldiers for various physical security missions.
Armed bodyguards are trained to provide a response in extreme situations – in both on foot and motorized protection, rapid extraction, escape, and event containment.

The protection plan formulation process involves a number of basic steps:

  • Analyzing and defining the threats to the protected individual.
  • Formulating a custom-tailored protection plan for the protected individual and his family.
  • Implementing the protection plan while taking into account the protected individual's character, line of business, interactions with threats on the one hand, while on the other maintaining as normal and routine of a lifestyle as possible.
  • Providing a response and professional guidance for large-scale events, while interfacing with additional outer line forces.

The Company offers its services to governments, public figures, companies, institutions, diplomats, celebrities, VIP's and private individuals.

Bodyguards | Anti Terror TrainingPhysical security services for Heads of State, dignitaries and executives: Providing close physical security services for senior functionaries following threats or in case of possible danger to them or to their families due to processes or decisions which "harm the interests" of hostile parties. The Company provides full protection for the dignitary and his family, and will be in direct and constant contact with intelligence and police forces until the threat has been neutralized.

Covert Physical Security:
A unique field implemented by the company's physical security department.  Physical security is overt, conspicuous and draws attention to the protected individual. If necessary, BTS can provide security services using covert bodyguards: after formulating the concept and presenting it to the client, peripheral security lines will be established around the protected individual, on his transport routes, and in those areas where he visits. This covert security blends in naturally, without drawing attention. The result: perfect security, constantly monitored and supervised by the company's physical security personnel.
Complementary Services:
The Company provides its clients with complementary services covering administration, logistics and ongoing operation. Centralized supervision of personnel, vehicles, technological systems, and convenience services provide clients with one single, reliable, and permanent POC who can handle all requests and inquiries.


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