Don't take a risk: the importance of security a wedding to prevent a violent attack on innocent

Posted On 28.10.2012

A large part of the applications that come to us come are from law-abiding businessmen whose success in the business sector has made them the target for competitors.

Unfortunately, these competitor the services of criminal organizations seeking to harm the businessman and his family and deter him.

Experience shows that in order to achieve their goal, criminal might blow up a crowded event (like a wedding) organized by the person that they wish to harm – and cause unprecedented demage. Col. (ret.) Benny Tal explains how to prepare and prevent this type of experience.

The cornerstones of the operation – early intelligence and cooperation with the police

Every wedding is supposed to be a happy event, however, not once, it is risky because terrorists try to harm during the event and even kill the target person.

From the minute we get a call from a client who has reasonable grounds to believe that will try to hurt him in such an event, we are prepering with all the means at our disposal for the security assessment ahead .

For example, we learn the methods and practices of offenders, analyze the images and prepare portfolios field files that will allow us to do our work on the best side.

We do not want to get into a situation where it will require a violent security, but we fully prepared for such a scenario.

By the same time we prepare preliminary intelligence, we are notifying law enforcement authorities responsible for the area where the event will be held that there is reasonable risk of harm to the organizer and his guests – all of them innocent civilians.

As a former colonel in the IDF, I personally klnow the important of working with law enforcement agencies that become an integral part of the effort to prevent the attack.

After we report to the police, third and most important of the operation begins – securing the place a day before the the event itself. To do so, we learn the place where the event will take place on all levels (even using aerial photographs), brief their commanders, blocking parking spaces and access to and examine any person who wants to enter the sterile area.

Naturally, the most significant danger of such events, does'nt come from one of the guests, but from personnel who infiltrate the event a few days before its existence, then we take extra caution and issue each employee a certificate with photo only he could get through it.

In addition, we scan the entire compound and insist on using technological means which completely inhibit activation of cellular signals the remote control to prevent from that the person or another to place a bomb in the hall.

Finally, we ask from all the guests a wedding invitation that will allow us to verify numbered beyond any reasonable doubt that only the people who were invited is in the event.

Beyond that, we ask the guests to leave their cars in the parking lot located about 50-100 meters from the entrance and make sure that upon arrival, each one will take a strict security check and including using reflection tools. all this without taking any risk that one is holding in his pockets explosives or weapons of any kind.

BTS security headed by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal specializes in providing security solutions, include violent which is required under the circumstances. all while using the principles of self-defense and the law.

We see only one purpose – keep the client, his family and guests safety – at all costs. that's exactly why we're here.


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