Evacuating Invaders from Private Property in Jerusalem

Posted On 29.01.2012

Last Thursday (27/10/11), BTSecurity team arrived to a private property in Jerusalem to evacuate invaders who occupied it. As an experienced company in evacuating invaders from land and properties, the mission was successfully accomplished, in little time and with no casualties. 

We received the request to assist in the evacuation from the owners’ attorney. The property owners, two American-Jews, bought the property about a year ago and started renovations; after over half the renovation work was completed, protestors (in the Israeli social revolution of summer 2011 RBA) identified it and sent the invaders to occupy it. Often times, property owners give up their rights with no fight, or are frustrated with incompetent security company, and pay the invaders for evacuating.

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The evacuation in the headlines

Watch at the TV review of the evacuation:

Prior to contacting BTSecurity, the property owners hired two security companies which failed to evacuate the invaders; one company even sent few bullies to scare the invaders, but they escaped once the police arrived.

It is important to state that when BTSecurity arrived to the property, the invaders had already occupied it for over a week; if invaders occupy a property for over a month, it would no longer be considered as a “new invasion”. The owners, who were not the ones to break the law, would have to file a request with the Israeli court and execution branch, a costly and timely process.

Intelligence, Briefing and Documentation

When we received the mission, we gathered intelligence as to how many and who are the invaders. After a preliminary assessment, we contacted the police to inform them of the evacuation and briefed all security personnel. During the briefing we instructed the team to not carry weapons (fire or cold) to prevent a scenario in which the invaders take on a weapon or our personnel use it for self defense. This was also why we chose to enter the property with bare hands, not using battering equipment.

The actual evacuation was documented from beginning to end, to gather evidence and prevent the invaders from twisting the facts.

Evacuating and Securing the Property

After we entered the property and assessed the situation, we gently tried to evacuate the women and children who were stressed and opposed our actions. In light of their response, we started evacuating the men. To avoid violence each man was approached by few security guys who removed him from the property. After we evacuated the men, we returned to the women; the first ones were resistant, but the rest stepped out independently as they realized their invasion failed.

Outside the property, the invaders attempted to provoke violence. The security personnel opposed to it quickly, preventing a quarrel, keeping the invaders safe and completing the mission quickly.

After the property was fully evacuated, it was sealed and secured. Even though the evacuation was successful, to prevent future invasions, we secure the property until its population.

Understand, but disagree

BTSecurity, managed by Col. Beni Tal, understands the distress of the lower class, the difficulty and suffrage of homeless people. Furthermore, we recognize each individual’s right to protest. However, invading a property is a crime, and property owners have the right to hold it without fearing it will be invaded or harmed in their absence.


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