How Can You Protect Your Business from Information Theft?

Posted On 04.01.2012

Industrial spying and the dread of business information theft are the most tangible fears of a business owner, whether small or large. This article will provide tips to help you protect your business from undesired penetrations which can cause serious damage. 

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  • Don’t expose your server and network to external factors. The first thing you have to do to defend your business information is to prevent any external access to your business computer network. You will have to create a firewall to protect the files behind it. Use the services of a professional security company to define your security needs and configure a firewall to allow access for authorized users.
  • Create a separate mail server. Just as you separate your computer network from the outside world, you should separate your mail server. Email is one of the main communication channels for confidential information and you should limit email service to operate only internally. The larger your organization is, the importance of keeping the information safe increases.
  • Limit the number of authorized users to confidential information. In addition to turning your network into a fortress, you should limit the number of employees with authorized access. Please note that the number of authorized employees should be at its absolute minimum; the chance of information leakage is then minimized.
  • Build a surveillance system in your business. Distribution of confidential information can also be done by physically giving a disk to external entities. You should install inner circuit surveillance cameras, which you can place in strategic locations in your business. 

To conclude, business information is a strategic asset of your business, and its distribution can be fatal. Keeping this information safe should be your top priority. 


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