Operation "Returning Home" for the evacuation of intruders from the State of Israel

Posted On 20.06.2012
In recent days, the Israeli government has decided to evacuate the illegal intruders who are not regarded as refugees (the residents of the Republic of South Sudan are a case in point), of its soil. The intruders themselves came to terms with the fact they won't be able to stay in Israel, given the increased activity of law enforcement agencies and the growing resentment towards them coming from the local population.

My extensive security experience taught me that when some population groups reach a conclusion they "no longer have anything left to lose", they tend to become more violent and dangerous. The lack of funds and food, along with the fear from oppression and persecution by the local populations and other circumstantial factors, may lead them to commit survival oriented crimes with grave consequences. Some of the infiltrators have already agreed to return to their homeland, using the help of different agencies dealing with the issue.


On the other hand, the "OZ" unit takes care of the capture and evacuation of illegal intruders. I believe that this unit has earned a great deal of respect. However, they are not equipped and trained well enough to deal with such a complex task. Therefore, the Israeli police must assume a more active role, dealing with the operation at the highest security levels.


During the operation, the well being of the Israeli citizens living in close proximity to problematic neighborhoods is obviously a top priority. The police and the Shin Bet should be more alert than ever, deploying their forces extensively throughout the country. In addition, the need for real time intelligence is ought to be emphasized, making sure that those expected to be evacuated soon, don't plan an uprising of any kind.


In conclusion, in order to execute a successful evacuation, both in terms of security and safety, the Israeli government must ensure that the enforcement agencies specializing in such operations – are the only ones allowed to carry it out.


Furthermore, their involvement in the execution of the operation will allow them to respond rapidly to any extreme scenarios that might take place, thus preventing the outbreak of riots that can easily lead to political and national crisis.


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