Sara Netanyahu Under Attack – This time It Ended In a Miracle

Posted On 14.06.2012

Last week, Sara Netanyahu, the spouse of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived at a mall situated in Petah Tikva. Suddenly, and while she was supposed to be isolated and closely guarded, a woman emerging virtually from nowhere, slammed her drink at Netanyau's desk. This "light" incident might lead you to think that it can be ignored. However, the truth is that Sara Netanyahu could have as well been easily harmed or even assassinated.

I firmly believe that the wife of the Israeli Prime Minister deserves being surrounded with the same amount of security guards as her husband. A highly skilled force of security guards and policemen should constantly secure her. You can simply imagine the horrific consequences of a scenario ending in the assassination or abduction of Israel's first lady.

The first and the second security echelons should consist of trained security personnel whose job is to would be to prevent any direct contact between Mrs. Netanyahu and the outer environment. In addition, their job description would also include the task of sweeping through the area, looking out for potential threats. It is worth noting that Mrs. Netanyahu's itinerary isn't a closely guarded secret, and is actually quite public, which makes the use of this knowledge for crime oriented purposes – a very realistic possibility.

Correcting the Scenario

 The moment the lady with the drink in her hand turned and faced towards Mrs. Netanyahu, and even before she entered the sterile zone that was supposed to be set around Mrs. Netanyahu, she was supposed to instantly stopped and checked for ID. Subsequently, the security detail was supposed to direct her as far from Mrs. Netanyahu as possible. Every similar security detail should have included tall and robust security guards that would have formed a wall between Mrs. Netanyahu and the public, allowing her to move from one place to another without fear.

To conclude, this severe incident reflects a critical security breach and only luck is to thank for a more serious disaster not taking place (everyone else involved obviously deserves to be blamed). Mrs. Netanyahu's security related issues must be resolved instantly and the level of security ought to be raised without any delay.


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