Securing Rabbi Ifergan's Annual Celebration

Posted On 10.07.2012

Recently, just as in years before, we have been asked to secure Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan along with his followers and many dignified guests who attended the annual celebration taking place at Ifergan's father tomb situated in the city of Netivot.


This is quite a challenging task mainly because so many people, including Israeli top businessmen and Members of Knesset all gather in such a crowded location.

In the morning of the event we usually arrive at the scene in order to oversee the entire organizational process, screen and filter the workers on site and creating a sterile zone. These tasks are performed by the "A-Team" alongside the local police and Rabbi Ifergan's people.

Around 06:00 PM, the main security team arrives at the scene, deploying around the entire premises, taking command over the main stage, the main entrances and the parking lots. Around 07:00 PM, the crowd begins arriving and we perform all the necessary security checks of the people wishing to enter and their belongings. Later on, when Rabbi Ifergan and his VIP guests finally enter the compound, we assume full responsibility for their security, creating a buffer zone between the entire entourage and the followers that wish nothing more than just touch the Rabbi's hand.

When the ceremony begins, the distinguished gentlemen take their place on the stage and the crowd tries coming closer once again. In terms of security, the evening is a very stressful one because many people wish to maintain the event's sanctity on one hand and to stay as close as possible to Rabbi Ifergan and his guests on the other.

Around midnight, the Rabbi and his followers gather around the tomb and pray. Afterwards, we escort the Rabbi to his house through the ecstatic crowd and also make sure that every VIP guest gets home safely.


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