Violent Security in Jafa

Posted On 22.11.2012

Recently, a wealthy client, called us to help him to deal with a bunch of criminals from a known crime family, who took over the building he owned in Jaffa. Initially he contuct us because he feared from the reaction of the offenders if they would have found out he made an appeal to the police and the courts.

The first thing we did was to do reconnaissance near the place where the property is situated. It is an impressive large-scale building which located on a large area near the sea. The criminals were hiding in the place and, in fact, created a situation in which there is no going in or out, though they were surrounded by sophisticated cameras, lights, heavy, electric gates and security threats in the entire complex. Every passerby who saw the building must be deterred and immediately said to himself that next time he should chooses to go on the other side of the road.

Not Intimidate From Complex Tasks

Our company has never slightly flinched from complex tasks. Since the invasion of the building was at that moment specified as a fresh invasion, which means that in the first 30 days, the owner can evict the building with no court – here got into action.

Near 4:50 am organized with 120 security guards arrived and received a briefing organized and clear operation commands. After a short preparation, we started to move toward the building at 05:00, under the assumption that it's possible we will have to use power in that require violent security and evacuation force.

The Invaders Did Not Know Where That Comes From 

In practice, we got the criminals quickly and efficiently with no more than 20 minutes. The evacuation was carried out using reasonable force and – a rule of thumb that accompanies our company from its inception. Needless to say that the action was recorded on video by our photographers who accompanied the event – in order to prevent any future claims regarding conduct during the event of evacuation.

Invaders did not know what hit them, they were shocked because they did not expect or imagine for a moment that kind of removal. Our company guards immediately deployed around the building while the owner was invited to see the building clean and totally free – just as he requested.

At the end of the operation we fenced the building to its scope and set a 24-hour security for the first week after the evacuation. We sent the offenders to look for a different target and more convenient for them – one that will encounter violent resistance, and security of private security officers.

BTS Security company headed by Colonel (Ret.) Beni Tal, specializes in providing security to business people who have fallen victim to criminals acts and nned to take control of their real estate assets. Contact us today and will do everything we can to help you bring your own hands the property you have worked so hard for.


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